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An analysis of accessible natural greenspace provision in the South East

 A study produced for the South East AONBs Woodlands Programme, the Forestry A landscape in South East EnglandCommission, and Natural England

February 2007

Patrick McKernan, Forestry Commission and Matthew Grose, High Weald AONB Unit

This report provides details of a study into the provision of accessible natural greenspace in the South East. The project came out of a pilot study initiated by the South East AONBs Woodlands Programme. This three year Programme, running from 2003 to 2006, arose out of a joint accord in 2001 between the National Association for Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty and the Forestry Commission.
Although the study was set up to focus on protected landscapes and the contribution of woodland to natural greenspace provision, it was considered necessary to undertake a strategic analysis of accessible natural greenspace across the whole of the South East, to provide the widest possible context for the analysis. Detailed findings are therefore presented for all districts, unitary authorities, and county councils in the region, as well as all protected landscapes. The study was also extended to cover the entirety of the Chilterns and North Wessex Downs AONBs, both of which extend beyond the South East.

The main part of the analysis was based on the Accessible Natural Greenspace Standard (ANGSt). Using the ANGSt model, the study has identified levels of provision and areas of deficiency, as well as the composition of greenspace areas. Further analysis beyond the ANGSt model has examined the level of choice of accessible natural greenspace available to people in the South East, as well as the potential population pressure on sites.

An analysis of accessible natural greenspace provision in the South East (PDF 5MB)

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