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Lincolnshire Deer Group

Fallow bucks. New Forest FDDeer are an important part of our natural environment and attractive animals that people love seeing in the countryside. However, left unmanaged populations rise and serious damage to woodlands, and farmlands can occur. Overgrazing by deer also adversly affects the biodiversity of an area, threatening sensitive species.

In Lincolnshire deer populations have been rising fast over the last 10 years. Large herds of Fallow deer can be seen in the south of the county, but Roe and Muntjac are also present in significant numbers.

We are active members of the Lincolnshire Deer Group which brings together land managers to co-ordinate management at a landscape level. The group organises training for group members and also organises census work to gauge deer numbers in parts of the county. Part of the role of the group is to advise and support landowners and landmanagers with deer management issues when requested and also to organise collaborative culling at a local landscape level which is very important.

The group has also been at work involved with the promotion of Lincolnshire wild venison as a product, which is processed in their own purpose built deer larder. They operate a rota of trained practitioners to deal with injured deer on Lincolnshires roads as a support to the RSPCA and the counties police.