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Sherwood Pines Cycle Trails

The Forestry Commission will create a National Centre of Excellence for off-road cycling within the East Midlands by “Developing sustainable, inspiring and innovative facilities that can be enjoyed by a wide range of visitors”

Project aims

  1. To develop and improve existing visitor centre facilities at Sherwood Pines Forest Park  
    enabling longer stay visits to the locality 
  2. Create an innovative range of cycle trails for all abilities and skill level linking into existing transport links
  3. Improve biodiversity via trail corridor improvements adjacent to new facilities
  4. Protect unique archaeological features within the forest and improve onsite interpretation
  5. Raise the profile of the site to encourage visitors from outside the region to visit for longer periods
  6. Improve skill levels of participation via training events based around new facilities
  7. Reduce antisocial behaviour on peripheral land around Sherwood Pines by bringing the area
    into the Forest Park management
  8. Pilot a national cycle facility accreditation framework

Year one: Objectives

  • Create one world class cross country cycle trail.
  • Create family cycle trails one surfaced and one adventure trail.
  • Provide corridor enhancement of broadleaf woodland along cycle trails increasing biodiversity.
  • Improve links to existing public transport links and sustainable transport.

Year two: Objectives

  • Create one “bike park” and “skills loop” to enable skills development.
  • Conserve and Enhance three areas of unique archaeological features.
  • Install visitor centre based facilities including lighting, bike lockers and interpretation.
  • Launch two new leaflets for the forest park.
  • Run one high profile event and a series of training events to raise profile of the forest.

Family Cycle Trails

  • Create one 3 mile surfaced loop for all ability use. Off the forest road and utilising green lanes with improved views and habitats. Linked to Center Parcs.
  • Linked to this a six mile adventure trail on managed unsurfaced rides, using fire road network.

Cross Country Singletrack

  • Develop a six mile world class cross country trail. Formalising the existing trails to create inspirational and sustainable trails that take in new habitats and vistas. Also reducing users conflict on forest roads.
  • Provide training days for volunteers to gain practical countryside skills and an insight into trail design and environmental issues.


Bike Park and Skills Loop

  • Develop skills loop to provide training sections and sample examples of terrain and technical trails features.
    Based at the Visitor Centre this will provide a great resource before heading out into the forest.
  • Create a challenging “bike park” facility with technical trail features to enable riders to tackle more challenging terrain in a managed environment.

Clipstone Camp Archaeological Project

  • Remnants of the unique First World War Camp still exist in the forest including trenches and
    a Lewis Gun range, these will be protected and enhanced for future generations.
  • Many of the sites have been preserved as a result of tree planting but now require care to help
    them survive in the long term.

Visitor Centre Based Improvements


  • A wide variety of improvements can be made to improve the visitors experience and encourage peopleto stay in the locality longer. These include bike lockers, lighting and interpretation. These enhance existing facilities to make it an excellent venue for both day visits and events.

Biodiversity Improvements

  • The trail corridor will be the focus for tree thinning and selective felling that will improve light levels to the forest floor. Restructuring the even age crops in both pine and broadleaf crops will provide the opportunity for ground flora to re-establish.
  • Old and historic trees will be prioritised to further enhance the woodland diversity and increase the visual interest of the forest.

The Future

  • The future plans for Sherwood Pines Forest Park are to further enhance the facilities within the forest to work in harmony with the habitats to create inspiring and sustainable recreational facilities. Complimenting the surrounding venues such as Clumber Park and Sherwood Forest National Nature Reserve.
  • “Ensuring there are recreational facilities for future generations to enjoy and respect.”

Volunteers wanted!

If you would like to become involved with the project visit the Sherwood Pines Forest Park volunteering page for details of our upcoming Dig Days!

Last updated: 16th May 2018

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