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Lincolnshire Limewoods

Woodland trail in Chambers farm woodSpeckled Wood butterfly (Pararge aegeria)

Whilst being one of the least wooded counties, Lincolnshire has one of the largest concentrations of small-leaved lime woodlands in the British Isles. Within the same area seven medieval abbeys and priories can be found. It is suggested that the woods date back to prehistoric times, but until recently few have been aware of their value.

Supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund the Limewoods Project brings together ten partner organisations working at a landscape in this valuable area.

Among many other achievements, local farmers and landowners have planted more than 20km of new hedgerows and 100 hectares of new woodland to extend and join up existing woodland in the Project area. This joining up of woodlands allows species to travel, helping butterflies like the speckled wood deal with climate change. We are restoring a further 500 hectares of plantation woodland back to native woodland habitat.

The Chambers Farm education centre has been refurbished and a new 'green oak' entrance built to the classroom. A series of events each year help bring new people to the area and learn about the Limewoods.

 Grass ride managed for butterfly conservation. Chambers farm wood. Lincolnshire