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Schools and group visits

Woodlands can be some of the best places to take a school group on a visit. Every year thousands of school children visit Forestry Commission woodlands throughout the UK. They learn more about woodlands, the wildlife within them and how to enjoy themselves in a truly natural and safe environment.

While there are no Forestry Commission woodlands within London, it is fortunate to have more woodlands than almost any other urban area in the UK. Most of this woodland is owned and managed by local authorities so there should be some woodland accessible for all of London's school children within a short trip from the school. 

Before You Visit

It is recommended that before you take a group to visit a woodland local to your school that you organise a pre-visit so that you know what to expect, what facilities are available and how to get there.

Also, make sure that all the children have clothing suitable for the season and weather, boots or stout shoes in the summer and wellingtons and raincoats in winter etc.

Risk Assessment

For school field trips it will probably be necessary for you to complete a risk assessment prior to arriving in your local woodland. Contact the local authority about this as they may be able to help.