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Things to do


Why not try visiting a woodland you've never been to before?

Ride a Bike.

Many of the woodlands in London permit cycling on designated routes, why not try cycling around a woodland near you today.

Walk in the Woods.

Going for a walk in the woods can be really enjoyable as well as being good for your health! 

Go on a Bat walk.

Many of London's woods have bats. The Bat Conservation Trust runs bat walks in some of  London's woods and your local authority may also run ones local to you.  

Experience Spring

Springtime is the best time to walk in London's woodlands if you want see woodland flowers in bloom.

Have a Woodland Picnic.

Many of London's woodlands have designated picnic sites. If there are no formal sites most woodlands have clearings, glades and small meadows where you can enjoy a picnic while relaxing. So take one today,  but don't forget to take all your rubbish home with you!  

Go on a Mini-beast hunt

One of the best things to do with children in woodland is to search for mini beasts . Go on a bug or spider hunt or if there is a pond or stream in your local woodland look for insect larva, tadpoles and frogs.