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Image sizes and uses

Photographs are automatically resized for your use.

Low resolution (low res) images are perfect for PowerPoint presentations, reports, word documents and initial layouts for design*.
They have all been resized to 900 pixels (longest edge) by proportion with an average file size of 200KB.

Hi resolution (high res) images have been compressed from original TIFF images. This compression reduces the images file size but has no effect the resolution (300dpi) and allows it to be e-mailed**. When sent to a newspaper/magazine/designer these images can be converted back to the TIFF and successfully used where quality file sizes are required. Image size is dependant on the camera make and model which produced the original photograph but on average the image size will be 3216 pixels by 2136 pixels with a file size of 850 KB (approx).
They are perfect for press, magazine articles, publications, leaflets, guidemaps, exhibition, displays and information panels.

*If you are working with a designer or a partner on a project which requires hi res images but are unsure of the ones you will finally use, you should initially download the low res images and use them for layout purposes. Only selecting the hi res when your selection is confirmed.

**Good e-mail practice is to always inform the recipient that you are e mailing images to them. Find out what their system can cope with and make sure that they will be there to receive them. Sending a large number of hi res images in one e-mail or in a series of e-mails could clog up the recipient's inbox. Never send more than 4MB of images in the one e-mail it is better to batch a few images at a time or send a CD/DVD. 


A watermark has been embedded in this preview size in order to protect the photographs from unauthorised use. All photographs held in the library will display this watermark including photographs from contributing freelance photographers. Note however that many of these photographers still own copyright and some have set restrictions on how we can use their photographs.

This mark will only appear on photographs, which are downloaded by 'right clicking' and do not appear when the photographs are downloaded following proper procedure.


The library also contains photographs from freelance photographers who have either retained copyright or have set restrictions on how we can use their photographs. These restrictions will be shown alongside the photographs and must be observed. Any use of the photographs other than those agreed with the photographer is strictly forbidden.

You are required to tick the box provided before a restricted image can be downloaded. The image you download can only be used in the way agreed with the photographer and by ticking the box you are agreeing to these conditions. You cannot use them in any other way without the express permission of the photographer.

Any infringement of these restrictions will be deemed an infringement of copyright and may result in legal action against you.

Responsibility for photographic copyright has been devolved to the Forestry Commission. This covers the majority of photographs in the library taken by FC staff or staff photographers.

Should you wish to make further use a restricted image please contact Neill Campbell who can contact the photographer and negotiate on your behalf.

Last updated: 2nd June 2018