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Woodland trail in Chambers farm woodThe Forestry Commission administers tree planting, tree felling and environmental regulations on behalf of the Government.  In line with the Government’s policy we are keen to involve local people by consulting you and receiving your views on applications for work that may include;

  • planting new woodland, 
  • felling significant areas of existing woodland for either timber  
    production or biodiversity improvement, 
  • roading within woodland to improve access for management, 
  • small scale woodland quarrying, and 
  • restoration of secondary woodland to open habitat e.g. heath.

We are not required to approve works associated with planning applications.  Planning applications are administered by planning authorities within a county, unitary or district council.  Any consultations for which we invite your comment that appear on this website are therefore not subject to planning regulations.

There are several types of documents you will be able to view.  These may include a site map and brief description of proposed new planting or tree felling on private land.  Design plans which detail 20 years of work within the Forestry Commission estate woodlands, following a strategic plan for the south east. Environmental Statements for either private or state land detailing works proposed to plant large woodlands or deforest heath land of trees to improve the habitat for endangered species on.

If you want to comment then please do so within the time period allowed.  We welcome your views but have to have them in time otherwise we will not be able to consider them before we make our decision. 

If you need further information regarding any plans viewed on this website you should contact us on 01420 23337. 

If you require hard copies of any document a charge is likely to be levied to cover the cost of copying and sending a document to you.  Alternatively, you can view any document at our office.  We will be very happy to make an appointment with you to prepare them for your viewing.