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Habitats Regulations

HIBERNATING DORMOUSE IN NESTBOX. NORTHANTS FDA number of changes have been made to Habitats Regulations that increase the legal protection given to protected species wherever they are found in England. Several of the species covered by the Regulations are found in woodland, and it will therefore have implications for how woodlands are managed and forestry operations carried out.

The Forestry Commission in England has been developing the means of implementing these changes and embedding them within the forestry sector. We are committed to increasing the sustainable management of England's woodlands, not least for the biodiversity protected by the Habitats Regulations. As such we have worked with partners to ensure that this amendment is as far as possible drawn into best practice guidance for sustainable forestry, rather than being an additional regulatory measure.

A series of tools have been developed to help support and advise the forestry and woodland sector on how to manage woodland where there are protected species present. These can be found at, along with background information on the Regulations

Advice on protected species management can be obtained by contacting the general enquiries e-mail at:  or by contacting the South East Regional team on 01420 23337 or email us at 

A standard letter was sent out to Regional Stakeholders (pdf: 63kb) and to Forestry and Woodland Owners (pdf:63kb)