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Regional Forestry Framework

C/U WET SPRING OAK LEAVESPublished in 2005, Space4trees is the East Midland’s first regional forestry framework. Its purpose is to set out an approach to the issues and opportunities facing our trees and woodlands that reflects national policies and objectives but that focuses on regional needs and aspirations.

Space4trees supports the vision for sustainable development, set out in the Integrated Regional Strategy, by highlighting the growing contribution that trees and woodlands make to the health of our environment, the vitality of our economy and the quality of life of the people who live and work in our region.

The strategic framework provided by Space4trees includes aims, objectives and guiding principles in four priority areas:

  • Trees and people
  • Trees and the environment
  • Trees and the economy
  • Communication and collaboration

More information about the framework is available on the Space4trees website.

You can view the document online or order paper copies from

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