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Seedlings . Plan view of cotyledons and 2 leaf pairs of Acer pseudoplatanus . Location: Alice Holt , Hampshire , England .We want to ensure that more people have a say in the development of forestry policy and in the way their local woods are managed. When we have a new plan or strategy to comment on, we will put it here.



Public information

Public Register of Grants and Licences

You can find out about planting and felling proposals in the East Midlands by viewing the Register of New Planting and Felling.

Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs)

The Environmental Impact Assessment Register gives information about ongoing EIA assesments in the East Midlands.

The EIA Regulations which affect afforestation, deforestation, forest roads and forestry quarries.

Current EIA Consultations

  • None

Historic Environmmental Impact Assessments

 Consultation Decision

Consultation Statement and spreadsheet with analysis of responses are also available to view.

Last updated: 24th September 2014