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Public information / consultations

Wild Ennerdale - Community consultationThe Forestry Commission is very keen to involve people in the future management of the national public estate and is required to consult people about felling licences, new woodlands and environmental impact assessments.

Forest Design Plans

Forest Design Plans are the core management planning document for our management of the public forest estate. They set out in broad terms the objectives and proposals for forest management including the felling and replanting programme. All our plans are thoroughly revised after ten years, and re-submitted to the Forest Authority for approval. As a key part of this process, we are keen to invite comments from anyone who knows and enjoys our forests. We are currently reviewing the plans listed below.

  • Ennerdale  in West Cumbria - Review of the Wild  Ennerdale Stewardship Plan

Amendments to Forest Design Plans

We review all our Forest Design Plans after five years, to see whether the original objectives and proposals are still valid. When minor amendments are proposed, organisations and individuals are invited to comment. The results of this consultation are considered by the Forest Authority when deciding whether to approve the amendments. Below is the list of amendments currently being considered for approval. Details of how to respond are contained in the links.

No amendments are currently being proposed.

Private Felling Licences and New Woodlands

You can find out about planting and felling proposals in the North West England by viewing the  Register of grant schemes and felling.

Environmental Impact Assessments

Information about ongoing assessments is available in the Register of Environmental Impact Assessments for the North West England.