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Public Registers
The Forestry Commission maintains two Registers. One is for publicly consulting on tree felling and woodland creation proposals. The other is to record the decisions made on forestry projects that could have a significant impact on the environment.

Notifying neighbours of your forestry proposals
It is strongly advised that applicants discuss their forestry proposals with neighbours whose property might be affected prior to making any applications for permission or grant. In some cases we will make this a requirement. In such cases Applicants must then record details of any discussions that take place and include this with their application.

Meeting the UK Forestry Standard
Applications only appear on the Registers if they meet the requirements of The UK Forestry Standard (PDF 31MB). The Standard sets out the criteria and standards for the sustainable management of forests and woodlands in the UK.

Register of New Planting and Felling
This Register shows details of grant applications to carry out woodland creation or other forestry operations that include tree felling, or are for Felling Licence applications for tree felling. A map displaying the boundary or location of the proposals can also be viewed on this Register.

*The Peak District National Park and the National Forest will be administered by the East Midlands and will appear on the East Midlands Register. If you have an interest in the National Forest, you are advised to look in the Register pages of both East and West Midlands.

Consulting others about grant and felling applications
The Forestry Commission consults local authorities and other organisations with statutory powers in relation to land use before deciding whether to approve applications for woodland planting and for tree felling. Case details are displayed on the Register at the stage when the Forestry Commission is satisfied that the project is complaint with the UK Forestry Standard, the guide to sustainable management of forests and woodlands in the UK. The case remains on display on the Register for 28 days and is open to public scrutiny and comment during this period. Case details are displayed again when the application has been approved.

How you can make comments about new planting and felling applications
Find out about current cases in your area by looking on the Register of New Planting and Felling. You can get further details of a case by contacting the Forestry Commission office within whose boundary the local authority lies. If you have valid comments to make on a project or proposal, submit them to the local Forestry Commission office within the 28 day period the case is on the Register.

Register of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
The details on the EIA Register are for information only.

The Forestry Commission is responsible for ensuring that the environmental impact of afforestation (new planting), deforestation, building forest roads and forest quarries is assessed.  The Register of Environmental Impact Assessment is required under the regulations and shows certain decisions that the Forestry Commission has made during the assessment process.

The Forestry Commission consults local authorities and other organisations, with statutory powers in relation to land use, before making a decision about applications for consent under the Regulations. If it is considered that the project will have a significant effect on the environment, then the person proposing to carry out the work cannot proceed without consent from the Forestry Commission.  In order to apply for consent, the applicant must submit an Environmental Statement.

Last updated: 6th July 2017