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We work to support tree and woodland management in The Greater London area. For woodland owners and managers we offer this support through either the English Woodland Grant Scheme or the London Woodland Grant Scheme.The London Woodland Grant Scheme is administered by Groundwork London on behalf of the Forestry Commission and was launched across London on 1st April 2008.

More widely we work in partnership with a range of national, regional and local bodies to promote and secure the benefits which trees and woodlands offer to London. these benefits include recreation, biodiversity and a source for woodland products as well as a contribution to the landscape, whether this is in local woodlands or in parks and residential streets.

Our work is largely influenced by The Mayor's London Tree and Woodland Framework a joint partnership document which is also the Forestry Commission's Regional Forestry Framework for London.

If you would like information and advice on trees and woodlands in your area contact your local tree officer through the London Tree Officers Association's website