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A set of 35 Improved Pan-European Indicators of Sustainable Forest Management was adopted in 2002 by an Expert Level meeting of the Ministerial Conference on the Protection of Forests in Europe (MCPFE, now know as Forest Europe). More details for each indicator are in a background information document, and another document gives details of definitions. These improved indicators are available on the Forest Europe website.


The State of Europe's Forests 2015 was launched at the Forest Europe Ministerial Conference in October 2015.  UK data for the quantitative indicators, submitted by the Forestry Commission in 2014, is available alongside other country reports on the Forest Europe website at

The State of Europe's Forests 2011 was launched at the Forest Europe Ministerial Conference in June 2011.  A draft UK report was published in June 2010, with a revised version approved in August 2010. It includes a new assessment of Protected and Protective Forest Areas in the UK.

For the previous round of reporting in 2006-2007, final draft UK data for most of the pan-European indicators were submitted in December 2006, in an Enquiry on MCPFE Indicators for Sustainable Forest Management. The country data, including data from international organisations, were published in November 2007 in State of Europe's Forests 2007, and are available through an interactive database. The UNECE website Reporting on sustainable forest management 2007 includes links to all the country reports for the quantitative indicators and for the qualitative indicators on policies and institutions.

State of Europe's Forests 2003 was an earlier MCPFE report on sustainable forest management in Europe, based on the previous set of pan-European indicators, updating statistics collected in the Forest Resources Assessment 2000.

Last updated: 7th March 2017