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Partnership projects

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The photographic library is a valuable resource. Some photographs are worth many hundreds of pounds on the open market so it is essential that you help us protect them.

If you are working with an external partner you can offer them free* use of the library. The images can only be used for the agreed project and should be deleted from the partner's database at the end of the project.

It is your responsibility to ensure that your partner is aware of these requirements and also that they are aware that all the photographs are protected by copyright** restrictions. The photograph/s must not be changed or altered in any way and the unique reference number must not be removed.

Your partner can access the library through the Internet site and place an order. If they order direct from the Internet they will be asked for the name and location of their FC contact (you are required to endorse the order). We would normally ask for 2 working days notice to accommodate large orders. The alternative to this is that you download the images for them.

*Laurie Campbell photographs can be used for presentation purposes only. If selected for a publication or an exhibition you or your partner will be invoiced. Other freelance photographers may have set restrictions on how a photograph can be used - these will be clearly displayed and must be strictly adhered to.

**Responsibility for copyright has been devolved to the Forestry Commission which covers the majority of photographs (photographs by freelance photographers are covered by the owners copyright)

The correct credit line to accompany all images from the library is - Forestry Commission Picture Library/photographer's name if present


Last updated: 2nd June 2018