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Crown Lands -Management Plan 2008-2013

The Management Plan for the Crown Lands of the New Forest has been concluded following wide consultation during 2008. Earlier in 2007 many people contributed views to our "issues and options" consultation and these have helped to shape the draft Plan before you now.

This Management Plan for the Crown Lands of the New Forest covers the period 2008-2013. It is a component part of the Special Area of Conservation (SAC) Plan produced as part of the LIFEII Project.  The core direction for the work of the Forestry Commission set out in this Plan remains unchanged from previously. The Plan does however pick up on changes in national, regional or local policy, for instance in relation to the National Park or ancient woodlands, both of which are "new" since the Plan was first written in 2001.


The Management Plan for the Crown Lands is termed "part B" because it will form part of a larger Management Plan for the Forestry Commission additionally covering the forest estate in Dorset and South Wiltshire. The Plan is broken down into eight sections covering the principle aspects of the work of the Forestry Commission. Please click on the links below to view each section of the plan (these files are all in PDF format).  Alternatively, two hard copy versions will be available to view at the National Park Authority Offices in Lymington and The Forestry Commission Office in Lyndhurst.


Deputy Surveyor of the New Forest

Michael Seddon

Last updated: 30th September 2015
View between trees at Shatterford, New Forest FD