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Grants for 2011/12 -

We are now open for applications for financial year 2011/12.

There are a number of Grants specific only to the East of England:

Ancient Woodland Restoration WIG

Up to 80% of standard costs can been paid for applications for the protection and restoration of ancient woodlands within targeted parts of the region. Full details and a map of the targeted areas are available below.

Operations Note 009 - Standard costs (PDF 97kb)
80% Woodland Improvement Grant: Ancient Woodland Restoration in East England (PDF 47kb)
Map of Ancient Woodland Clusters for Restoration (PDF 173kb)
Map of Ancient Woodland Clusters for Expansion

Further research information on the targeting of this grant is available on the Woodland for Life website.

Deer management guidance

This document (PDF 67kb) gives guidance on how we can help fund deer management within the East of England region.

Woodland Improvement Grant 80% - County Wildlife Sites in East England

County Wildlife Sites (CWS) in targeted areas are eligible for 80% WIG funding. See Woodland Improvement Grant80% - County Wildlife Sites in East England (PDF 139K) further guidance and information.

Norfolk map showing eligible areas.
Cambridgeshire map showing eligible areas.
Essex and Thurrock map showing eligible areas.

Woodland Creation Grant (WCG) 2011/12

Along with the general application form (EWGS 1) and WCG form (EWGS 7), you will also need to complete the East of England scoring form (EWGS 7a). An additional scoring form guide is available.

For information on the other types of grant that may be available to plant or manage woodlands visit the English Woodland Grant Scheme pages.


Last updated: 31st January 2018