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How to book

The campsite and bunkhouse are open from 1 March - 31 October.
Biblins is very popular so it is always advisable to check availability by e mail.

Please note that Biblins runs on solar power and on dull days there may not be sufficient electricity to run the computer! Also, in order to keep prices down for camping groups, we try to minimise admin costs. Please don’t ask us to ring you back, especially on mobiles.

We have tried to provide all the information you need on these web pages but if you need to know more, send an e-mail to It is sometimes possible to contact the campsite manager by telephone (01600 890850) during normal working hours but due to the nature of their duties, they are often out of the office.

Please note that 14 days notice is required for both campsite and bunkhouse bookings. For confirmation of booking and payment, a self addressed envelope must be enclosed.

While we will try to give you the camping pitch you request, the Warden reserves the right to reallocate pitches according to need, numbers and other issues.

Before making a booking please read the conditions and safety information on the booking forms below:



Last updated: 9th November 2017
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Biblins Youth Campsite
The Doward
Tel: 01600 890 850