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Orienteering for all at Haldon Forest ParkOrienteer in motion

We now have a permanent orienteering course in place, funded by the Big Lottery Fund through Devon County Council, and designed by Devon Orienteering Club.

What's orienteering?

Orienteering involves using a specially drawn, coloured and detailed map to navigate your way around a course with designated markers or 'control' points.

The control points on the ground correspond to points on the map. You have to mark your control card at each control point with a unique code to prove you have visited the control.

In competition, the winner is the person who has taken the shortest time to visit the control points in numerical order, but speed alone will not make you a winner! You must also choose the best route between the control points, and find the markers, without wasting any time.

Who can do it?

Everyone! This course can be used by all orienteers, from complete beginners to experienced pros, and we have several set courses you can try. When you've mastered those, you can use the same posts to make up your own courses.

Compass on a mapWhat equipment do I need?

All you need to get started is a map pack, which includes full instructions for beginners.

Once you've had a go, if you decide to up the pace you'll need to wear clothes suitable for running in, and for the harder courses you may need a compass.

Where can I get a map pack?

Map packs are available fromm the Ranger's Office for £1 each, and can be used again and again.

Or, you can download a map pack from the Orienteering in Devon website, and print it out yourself.

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