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Prospectus 2007 for East of England region


The budget for grants in 2008-09 is £1.7 million, allocated as follows:

Funds are now fully committed for 2008/09

Funds that were available for 2008/09 applications

Woodland Creation Grant£460,000
Woodland Planning/Assessment Grants£50,000
Woodland Management Grant£70,000
Woodland Regeneration Grant£120,000

Woodland Improvement Grant SSSI

Woodland Improvement Grant Biodiversity 50%£50,000

Woodland Improvement Grant Biodiversity 80%


Woodland Improvement Grant Access

Woodland Improvement Grant Forest School£50,000
Total budget for 2008/09 applications£1,010,000
Total grant budget for the region£1,700,000

Regional budgets may be revised in light of actual demand and in taking account of our national targets. We cannot therefore guarantee to spend all of each allocated regional grant budget.

For details of grant budget and allocations for all in England, go to Prospectuses and Grant Availability on England EWGS pages.

For details of grants that are currently open for applications, go to Regional Grant Availability.

Last updated: 24th September 2014