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Regional Grant Availability

As we have been able to offer in year grant aid for applications received this spring we are in a healthy position to receive new applications for payment in financial year 2011 and beyond.  Greater Regional grant flexibility means that we can move money between grant types if necessary and we will not continually publish updates on specific grant types. 

This year we initially allocated more funds to our Woodland Improvement Grants which now total £460,000, a £90,000 increase on last years funding.  This will be used to improve  public access to woodlands and to meet the increased demand for infrastructure costs to woodlands to enable habitat management which ultimately will address the decline in woodland bird populations.

The WIG funds will also contribute to work within plantations on Ancient Woodland Sites another key feature this year.  To assist with identifying work within these woodlands we have made £50,000 available to draw up woodland plans.

We have maintained our Regional Woodland Regeneration Grant at £275,000.  This level of demand has been relatively stable since the opening of EWGS.  The prolonged winter did mean that many schemes were carried over into the 2010/2011 financial year but we were able to meet this demand from National funding reserves.

New Additional contributions introduced last year for New Native Woodland in Northumberland National Park resulted in a five fold increase in applications and we hope for further increases this year.  Along side this we have introduced a further Additional Contribution £1,000 for new broadleaved and conifer woodlands along the Northumberland and Durham Pennine Fringe.

Grants available d Gant type What the grant is for




Grant Type


What the grant is for?


Stewardship of existing woodlands


Woodland Planning Grant


Preparation of  plans to aid decision making


Woodland Assessment Grant


To gather information to inform work activity


Woodland Regeneration Grant


To support desirable change in species composition after felling 


Woodland Improvement Grant


Create enhance and sustain benefits to woodland management


Woodland Management Grant


To sustain beneficial ongoing woodland management


Creation of new woodlands


Woodland Creation Grant


Encourage the planting of new woodlands


For more information please contact your local FC office.