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Drag your owner to Haldon Forest Park, where they can enjoy miles of trails and get some much needed fresh air and exercise!

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To keep the Park a safe, healthy and enjoyable place for you and your owner, please:

  • Always keep your owner in sight & under control.
  • Keep your owner on a lead in the hub area.
  • Do not use the dedicated cycling trails (Challenge Trail and Ridge Ride Trail) as cyclists use these trails at speed.
  • Don’t chase wildlife; although it is great fun it can cause serious injuries to you and the wildlife. You may also lose your owner, be hit by a car or shot. Please try hard particularly between March and July as it is the deer and bird breeding season.
  • When passing other forest visitors please stay by your owner's side.
  • If you poo on the paths, play or picnic areas, ask your owner to bag it and put it in a bin on site. These are located in the main car park, on the road leading to the Forestry Commission Office, and in Mamhead car park. In remote areas you could fetch them a stick to flick poo off the path.

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