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Felling licences

Felling LicencesThe tree team at Westonbirt felling trees with a chainsaw


Trees and woodlands are important features of the landscape and in order to help ensure they are maintained and managed in a sustainable way a felling licence is normally required from us before any tree felling work is undertaken. Details of how to apply for a licence and the exemptions that apply can be found in the booklet Tree Felling -Getting Permission. To get permission you will need to complete a Felling Licence Application form and submit it to us with two signed and dated maps.

Tree Preservation Orders Trees and trees in Conservation Areas

There are a number of other controls on tree felling that you may need to take into account such as Tree Preservation Orders. A Tree Preservation Order (TPO) is made by the Local Planning Authority to protect specific trees and woodland. TPO’s prevent the felling, topping, lopping or uprooting of trees without permission from the Planning Authority. Similar rules apply to trees within a Conservation Area.

If you wish to fell trees that are covered by a Tree Preservation order or that are within a Conservation area you must apply to us unless an exemption applies. We will consult the local Planning Authority about your application. If you omit to tell us and we issue a licence then the licence will NOT cover the felling of these trees. If an exemption applies you must apply directly to the Planning Authority. TPO’s: A Guide to the Law and Good Practice will give further information.


Since 1997 changes to the Habitat regulations have meant that there is more legal protection afforded to European Protected Species. Several of the species covered by the Regulations are found in woodlands and individual trees and will need to be considered before any work is carried out.

Hedgerow Regulations

Trees within hedgerows also require a licence from us unless an exemption applies (see above) regardless of whether permission to remove the hedge has been granted under the hedgerow Regulations 1997.

Environmental Impact Regulations (EIA)

EIA (forestry) Regulations relate to Relevant Projects under the following categories; Afforestation, Deforestation, Forest roads and Forest Quarries. Any project that proposes to remove trees without replanting will need to be considered by us to assess the impact on the environment.


Further Information

If you would like to discuss any aspect of tree felling please contact you local Woodland Officer



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