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Westonbirt's Tree Team Monkey puzzle seedlings at Westonbirt Arboretum Penny Jones, propagator at Westonbirt Arboretum

An arborist's work is never done!

A team of arborists, horticulturalists and volunteers propagate, plant and maintain Westonbirt's tree collection and 240ha (600 acres) of grounds.

A never ending task

For management purposes the arboretum is broken-up into 60 different sections.

Each section is inspected in detail on a weekly or annual cycle, with every tree or shrub being given a job code. This may include dead-wooding, pruning, mulching or tree removal.

Where possible we leave rare or valuable trees but poor or very common species such as English oak may be felled to allow room for replanting for the future.

Out with the old, in with the new

Most tree removal is carried out by dismantling in sections rather than complete felling. This highly skilled work is carried out by climbing arborists from Westonbirt's own tree team, using ropes and harnesses.

Trunks from these trees may be sold for a variety of uses or used for our own sustainable construction projects. The waste material is chipped and used to surface paths or to mulch trees and the stumps removed with a stump-grinder to allow mowing of the grass and replanting.

Tree planting

The winter months are when the tree team carry out tree planting. Every year around 300 trees are planted to replace those removed and expand parts of the arboretum such as Maple Loop in Silk Wood.

Young trees are regularly checked to monitor their development and where necessary, weeding, formative pruning and other early tending is carried out. 

Last updated: 10th July 2017


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