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Orienteering Courses

Westonbirt has two permanent Plant Hunter Orienteering Courses in Silk Wood and a Gruffalo Orienteering trail in the Old Arboretum.  These have been designed as a safe introduction to orienteering.

Plant Hunter Orienteering Course

Designed for KS2, KS3 and KS4. The short course has 8 control points and features two plant hunter stories. The long course has 16 control points and features four plant hunter stories. 

Information for group leaders - includes details of the two courses, a risk assessment and suggestions for running orienteering activities.

Plant Hunter Orienteering Map - shows the control point locations for both courses

Record sheet - for students to record information found at the control points


Gruffalo Orienteering Course

This course has been designed for younger pupils as an introduction to orienteering.  There are 12 control points to find, each with characters from the Gruffalo story and information about woodland wildlife.

Information for group leaders - includes details of the course and a risk assessment

Gruffalo Orienteering Map



General booking information

To prevent conflicts between users, the orienteering courses are only available to one large school group or two smaller school groups per day – strictly on a first-come-first-served basis. Please contact the learning team to check the availability of your preferred date. Please refer to our orienteering pack for worksheets, risk assessment and other important information.

Due to the location of the courses we strongly recommend that you also arrange a pre-visit to familiarise yourself with the layout. For further advice please contact the learning team on 0300 067 4856.

Last updated: 14th April 2017


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