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Regional Forestry Strategy

The Forestry Commission is one of the lead partners in delivering the Regional Forest Strategy. The North East’s first Regional Forest Strategy published in 2005 sets out the role our trees, woodlands and forests have over the next twenty years in making the region a better place for us all to live, work and do business. The delivery of the Strategy will be co-ordinated via action plans and delivery will be monitored.

The region’s forestry sector is broad-based, covering all organisations with an interest in wood products, trees and forests. As well as the timber growing and processing industry, this includes organisations with social and environmental interests, covering issues such as health, amenity, landscape, recreation, tourism and regeneration. These issues form a major part of the scope of the Regional Forest Strategy.

Refresh of the Regional Forest Strategy

It is now over five years since the Regional Forest Strategy was published.  Whilst the broad threads of it remain relevant the Forestry Commission and partners have decided to review and refresh it this year.  This will make it more responsive to the very high priority being given to tackling climate change.

Evidence gathering has already started.  The FC has commissioned the Rural Development Initiative to assess the contribution that forestry makes to the economy of North East England and to identify growth potential.

A consultation meeting providing the first formal opportunity for stakeholders to engage with this review and refresh will be held in July.  Further details will be posted here in due course.

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Regional Forest Strategy

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