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Horse riders using the trails at Haldon Forest Park, Peninsula FDHaldon4Horses is a group of local riders who enjoy hacking through Haldon & Harcombe Woods.

They work to help resolve a number of issues such as access into Harcombe, road signs, etc., as well as contributing towards the further development of Haldon for equestrian users.

Do you have any concerns, ideas, or require information of where you can ride? Haldon4Horses would love to hear from you:

Contact Debbie: or 01647 253372

Contact Anita: or 01647 252807

Contact Alan: or 01647 252807

This is something that has been very successful at other Forestry Commission sites such as Vyrnwy and Crychan in Wales.


What's of interest

There is over 10 miles of trails for you and your horse to enjoy at Haldon Forest Park.

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