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Comments and Frequently Asked Questions

We receive lots of comments from visitors by e-mail, in person, and in our comments box. Some themes come up again and again, so here we share some of them with you, and hopefully help to answer them…

Food & Drink

“It would be nice to have been able to have a cuppa!”Customers enjoying the food and drink on offer at the Ridge Café, Haldon Forest Park

“Would be good to have refreshment facility”

“Great snack bar, so nice to see organic, local produce. Pity they will be leaving. Hope you get equally crucial café!”

“Please can you make a bigger seating area for people who wish to sit and have coffee or eat.”

In April 2009 a new café replaced the mobile catering van, which was only able to open on weekends and school holidays. We have continued our commitment to healthy, locally sourced food, and the café is open 7 days a week, all year round. There is now indoor and outdoor seating for customers, as well as picnic benches for all visitors. Find out more about this project.

Otherwise space is limited in the hub so more picnic benches are not planned. However, there is an additional picnic area a short distance away, at the start of the Play Trail.

CyclingFamily on the adventure cycle trail at Haldon Forest Park. Peninsula FD

“Jet wash would be good”

“No cycling on the Play Trail!”

“Adventure Cycle Trail – excellent bit of fun. Family Cycle Trail – pants!”

Besides the café, another part of the development plan for Haldon is to overhaul the cycle trails to improve them in a vast number of ways, which will solve the problems experienced above, and more. Find out more about this project.
A bike wash is also being considered for the future, but as we are not on mains drainage here, careful consideration must first be given to the waste water.


“Dog bin at main junction”LITTER LEFT IN FOREST

“…now the family is coming as well [we need] bins for litter and dog waste…”

Several dog bins are available, and most of them are close to car parks as this is where they are most needed. Currently this is enough to cope with the volume of dog waste generated at the park. In light of the extra cost attached to collecting the waste an additional bin would not be justified.
We do not provide litter bins at any of our sites because we believe people should always take their litter home with them. Covering the cost of emptying litter bins would mean raising parking charges – we think most people would prefer to take their litter home instead!

The Comments Box...

...can be found outside the rangers' office, and and comments slips and a pen are inside. We don't usually respond to individual comments, but it is useful for us to know what is important to our visitors. So if you have a comment you'd like to make then pop it in the box next time you're here - it could make a difference!

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