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‘Seeing the Wood for the Trees - Implementing the draft South East Plan Woodland Policy NRM5’

Whilst woodland management issues traditionally fall mainly outside of the planning system, there are many areas where the planning process has impacts, particularly as rural businesses seek to diversify. The region’s Planners make daily decisions affecting these issues. The draft South East Plan includes a specific Woodland policy (NRM5) as well as other policies which forestry can help deliver. This guidance sets out concisely what Planners can do to ensure that our forests and woodlands contribute fully to the sustainable future of South East England. It explains why each aspect of the policy is important and gives suggestions of how the policy can be implemented both through Planning Policy and Development Control in a Local Authority. It is designed to help the planner to efficiently deal with this issue amongst the pressure of many other agendas.

Planners must take the South East Plan into account when preparing their Local Development Frameworks. Whilst the South East Plan is still in draft format, local authority planners have already been taking it into account. The guidance on woodlands is therefore being published in pdf format so it can be easily updated whilst the South East Plan is remains draft.  The guidance has been prepared for the Forestry and Woodlands Partnership, with involvement of planners in the region.

Guidance for Planners - Implementing the draft South East Plan Woodland Policy (pdf:1.8MB/16 pages)

Press Release - South East Woodland Fundamental to sustainable development (pdf:53k)


Last updated: 24th June 2017
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