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Discovery Trail

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Well waymarked, so you won’t need a map. If you want to let your children run ahead, just tell them to follow the orange trail, but please be aware that there are two road crossings on this trail.

Den Building & Wild Play

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We don’t believe children should be cocooned from the natural world. We want them to get out there and enjoy it, using their imaginations and the materials they find lying around in the forest to build dens or make up games.

Our Rangers walk the trails regularly, checking on all the dens children are building, and only dismantle the ones they feel aren’t safe. We’ve found that children build and rebuild them all the time, so the experience is endless! Please note however that fires are not permitted in any of our woods.

Children’s Play Area

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Adjacent to The Ridge Cafe is a play area for younger children, including a sand pit, ‘tree house’, and other play features. You can sit on the picnic benches and keep a watchful eye while taking a welcome coffee break.

About our play equipment

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  • How is it made?
  • Where does it come from?

What's of interest

If you enjoy the countryside, fresh air, and a bit of exercise, but the children aren’t so keen, bring them to Haldon Forest Park – they won’t even realise they’re getting exercise. There’s plenty to keep them occupied while you relax – or join in!

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