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Horse riding

We think you’ll find our dedicated riding trails, with a quarter mile gallop stretch and free horse box park, a safe and pleasant place to ride your horse. The Harcombe Riding Trails and the ridge trails are connected, so you and your horse can enjoy a total of ten miles of trail.

Riders are welcome to bring their dogs, but please keep them under your control, and do keep to the designated trails.

Please note: Trees beside the entrance road to the horse box park are becoming over grown on one side, restricting access for some larger vehicles. Consequently the tarmac is breaking up on the opposite side of the road as vehicles try to avoid the braches. We are working with the landowner responsible for these trees, and the council responsible for the road, to try and resolve the situation as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.

Harcombe Riding Trails

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A network of trails through peaceful forest scenery.

Harcombe Horse Box Park

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Dedicated and free, this car park is conveniently situated off the A38.


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A group of local riders.

Go Ape Zip Slide

Please be aware that a zip slide runs over the riding trail to the south west of the main forestry offices. If you wish to avoid the zip wire take the new horse riding trail as shown on the Haldon Forest Park Walking Trails Map (PDF 2844KB).

What's of interest

There is a new route allowing riders to avoid the zip slide. Take a look at the Haldon Forest Park Walking Trails Map [PDF 2844KB] to view the new route. 

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