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Rural Framework

We have been working with a wide range of partners to assist in the development of the Rural Framework for Yorkshire and The Humber. The Framework brings together the key issues and priorities for the regions rural areas and will be used alongside other relevant regional strategies such as the Regional Forestry Strategy to guide allocation of funding support to rural areas.

Woodfuel Heating in the North of England

This booklet was originally published in 2004 by the National Non Food Crops Centre with support from a range of partners including the Forestry Commission, Government Office and the Framework for Change Delivery team. The booklet was produced to show the potential for generating heat from wood-fuelled systems in the 21st century and is particularly useful for those involved in the planning of new buildings. Since then the booklet has been revised, and with additional funding support from Government Offices for the North East and North West, the new booklet 'Woodfuel Heating in the North of England' was published in January 2006 containing updated text and a range of new case studies.

Yorkshire and The Humber