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Grow With Wyre - Team

Grow With Wyre - Programme Manager   Bob Griffiths
Grow With Wyre - Project Officer          Simon Cahill
Grow With Wyre - Project Officer          Louise Sutherland
Grow With Wyre - Administrator            Alison Coggon

Partners: -

Forestry Commission
 - Ian Hickman
Forestry Commission - Nigel Hobday
Forestry Commission - Simon West

Shropshire County Council  -        John Blessington 
Worcestershire County Council  - Matt Maginnis
Worcestershire County Council -  Malcolm Atkin
Wyre Forest District Council -      Steve Singleton
Natural England -                       Tim Dixon

Wyre Forest Study Group - Rosemary Winnall
Guild of St George - John Iles
David Bishop -        John Iles