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Jeskyns Environmental Statement

July 2006

The Environmental Impact Assessment
(Forestry) (England & Wales) Regulations 1999

Jeskyns Published Decision 21st July 06 (pdf 36K)
Appendix 1 - Landscape Plan (pdf 1301K)
Appendix 2 - Summary of reasons to give consent (pdf 52K)
Appendix 3 - Supplementary Statement (3.1MB)

April 2006

An Environmental Impact Assessment was undertaken to assess the likely impacts of the proposed Jeskyns Community Greenspace project. It was undertaken by a team of independent consultants and provided an unbiased assessment of the scheme.

A number of reports were produced containing the detailed assessments that were undertaken. These are

  • The Proposed Site Design
  • Scoping Report
  • Non-technical Summary
  • Full
  • The appendices (as several separate downloads) 
  • All documents can be downloaded from this website, but please be aware that these are large documents and may take some considerable time to download. Click on the links below.


The Proposed Site Design and Supporting Documents

Jeskyns proposed design (Pdf 450KB)       Application Document (Pdf 237KB)

Application Document Appendix 1 (Pdf 621KB)      Application Document Appendix 2 (Pdf 15KB)

Main Environmental Statement documents

Scoping report (PDF 1.4MB)
Non technical summary (PDF 759KB)
Full Environmental Statement (PDF 2.3MB)


Appendix 1: Screening option confirmation (PDF 392 KB)
Appendix 2: Summary of the scoping exercise (PDF 22 KB)
Appendix 3: Planting information and implementation (PDF 36 KB)
Appendix 4: Indicative hardworks methodology (PDF 153 KB)
Appendix 5: Policy compliance schedule (PDF 54 KB)
Appendix 6: Population Impact Schedule (PDF 59 KB)
Appendix 7: Henhurst Road Traffic Survey (PDF 647 KB)
Appendix 8: Paragraph 3.4 of TA 22.81 (PDF 396 KB)
Appendix 9: TRICS data (PDF 1.6 MB)
Appendix 10: Predicted peak and daily traffic flows (PDF 218 KB)
Appendix 11: Basic traffic flows Henhurst Road (PDF 236 KB)
Appendix 12: Technical approach and guidance notes (PDF 359 KB)
Appendix 13: Table 2 of TD79/99 (PDF 230 KB)
Appendix 14: TRL viewer (PDF 357 KB)
Appendix 15:  pages 1-20 (PDF 3.4 MB), pages 21-40 (PDF 3.3 MB), pages 41-59 (PDF 3 MB)
Appendix 16: Ecological survey report (PDF 229 KB)
Appendix 17: Breeding birds survey (PDF 1.4 MB)
Appendix 18: Wintering birds survey (PDF 489 KB)
Appendix 19: Agricultural land quality and soil resources (PDF 142 KB)
Appendix 20: Cultural heritage (PDF 242 KB)
Appendix 21: Part 3, Jeskyns Farm, Cobham, Kent, Archive Overview, Dr N. Bannister (Nov. 05) (PDF 1.4 MB)
Appendix 22: Assessment of landscape changes (PDF 2 MB)
Appendix 23: Examination of photographic records (PDF 2 MB)
Appendix 24: Plough plan (PDF 634 KB)
Appendix 25: Character area 119 (PDF 2.4 MB)
Appendix 26: Kent landscape character areas (PDF 5.2 MB)
Appendix 27: Visual impact schedule (PDF 88 KB)
Appendix 28: Landscape impact schedule (PDF 29 KB)


FC-01: Jeskyns Design Plan (JPEG)
FC-02: Jeskyns Plan: Artists impression (JPEG)

TLP-01: Site location and context (GIF)
TLP-02: Planning context (JPEG)
TLP-03: Landscape character areas (PDF 5.1 MB)
TLP-04: Visual analysis - wider area (JPEG)
TLP-05: Visual analysis - local area (PDF 2 MB)
TLP-06: Photograph location points (PDF 1.9 MB)
TLP-07: Existing site features (PDF 2.5 MB)
TLP-08: Field boundaries (PDF 5 MB)
TLP-09: Property reference plan (JPEG)
TLP-10: Current wildlife interest (PDF 2 MB)
TLP-11: Site topography (PDF 3.6 MB)
Panorama photos (PDF 1.1 MB)

OCE-01: Site Location Plan (JPEG)
OCE-02: Re-aligned A2 (JPEG)
OCE-03: Proposed car park access design (JPEG)
OCE-04 Proposed Car Park Access Swept Path Analysis (JPEG)
OCE-05: Pedestrian / Cycle / Equestrian Desire Lines (JPEG)
OCE-06: Jeskyns Car Park design (Source FC) (JPEG)

LRA-01: Main Soil Types (GIF)
LRA-02: Agricultural Land Grades (GIF)
LRA-03: Survey (GIF)
LRA-04: Topsoil sampling  (GIF)
GIF-01: Cultural Heritage Study Areas and Assessment Sites (JPEG)


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