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National Register of Approved Basic Material for Great Britain

The Forestry Commission maintains the National Register of Approved Basic Material for Great Britain (The National Register). This is published in accordance with the Forest Reproductive Material (Great Britain) Regulations 2002 and European Union directive 1999/105/EC, which controls the marketing of Forest Reproductive Material in the EU.

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(The National Register is kept under constant review and will be regularly updated. The version available above is current as at 31 January 2018.)

Stands and Seed Orchards numbered under the previous Regulations, together with native Scots pine seed collection areas, will retain their original serial numbers within the new expanded form of National Register identity.

Entries for Source-identified Basic Material are at the region of provenance level, with additional entries at the seed zone level for native species, and are not shown in this version. All collections of Source-identified material of the same species in the same region of provenance or seed zone will use the same Basic Material identity code.

Further information:

Download the full  National Register spreadsheet. The link on the right hand column of the spreadsheet ('NR entry') will then take you to a two page pdf showing stand, location, contact and site information, together with a map.

FOREMATIS - this is an amalgamation of all of the EU Member State National Registers.  

Access to all Member state National Registers

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Last updated: 1st February 2018