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Floodplain woodland in SussexRiver flowing through an oak woodland

A study is examining whether floodplain woodland can be used to good effect in Sussex to ameliorate and attenuate flood flows and improve water percolation, groundwater recharge and water quality.  This study is examining the most effective location and size of floodplain woodland to achieve both environmental protection objectives and ecological gains.  It will produce recommendations for floodplain woodland establishment and/or management at eight demonstration sites, together with an assessment of optimal management regimes.

  • Contributes to outcomes 4 and 5
  • Partners: Environment Agency, Sussex Otters and Rivers Partnership, High Weald AONB    Unit, Sussex Wildlife Trust, West Sussex County Council.
  • For more information contact Fran Southgate, Sussex Floodplain Forests Group.  E-mail:

Riverbank stabilisation

For information on Riverbank stabilisation by the Environment Agency, see the framework document. 


Last updated: 24th June 2017
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