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Trees and woodlands - Nature's health service

Trees and woodlands: nature’s health service is aimed at a wide range of health professionals and environmental professionals: both policymakers and practitioners. It provides information and evidence supporting the idea that the use and enjoyment of woodlands and green spaces improves people’s overall health and well-being. By outlining research and current practical projects it is hoped that this book will bring inspiration and ideas for developing future work and new partnerships.

Key government priorities for health are outlined with suggestions of how organisations such as the Forestry Commission and other countryside agencies can help people to choose healthier lifestyles. The evidence base is established through a review of past and current research describing the ways in which the natural environment can improve people’s health and well-being. Also provided are case studies of some of the projects the Forestry Commission is currently running in partnership with a range of other organisations including primary care trusts. They illustrate important lessons about how the Woodland Sector, in partnership with others, can contribute to the health agenda and where it can target its efforts most effectively.

Trees and Woodlands: Nature's Health Service (PDF: 2.8 MB)