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New Forest

 Working Area (Grid Ref) Approx Completion Date Activity
Broadley (SU250990) End of October 2017 Thinning work has halted, will recommence in late Summer (August 2017). Timber dispatch ongoing.
Rhinefield Sandy's and Vinney Ridge (SU267057) End of July 2017 Timber dispatch only
Aldridgehill and Clumbers Inclosure (SU268034) End of July 2017 Extraction and timber dispatch (DP)
Stubby Copse, Brockenhurst (SU325035)   End of October 2017 Second phase of felling due to start in August 2017
 Ipley  End of August 2017 Timber dispatch only
Parkhill, nr Lyndhurst  (SU320050)    End of October 2017 Felling, extraction and timber dispatch
Frame Heath Inclosure (SU346033)  End of July 2017 Timber dispatch only
 Denny New (SU325065) End of July 2017  Felling, extraction and timber dispatch via Parkhill
 Great Linford End of August 2017 Felling & extraction until mid July.  Despatch of stock from roadside
Holly Hatch End of August 2017  Felling & extraction until mid July.  Despatch of stock from roadside
 South Slufters End of August 2017 Despatch of stock from roadside
 North Bentleys End of August 2017 Felling & extraction until end July.  Despatch of stock from roadside.

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Dorset Woodlands

 Working Area Approx Completion Date Activity
Field Grove/Bonsley Wood August 2017 Timber haulage
Wareham West August 2017 Timber haulage
Moreton August 2017 Timber haulage
Wardour August 2017 Timber haulage
 Ringwood North December 2017 Harvesting
 Grovely September 2017 Timber haulage

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What do other visitors say?

Hurrah for the Agister. It is about time these dog owners showed some responsibility towards the animals, birds, flora and other users of the forest. It is not acceptable for these dog owners to use the forest as a dogs' public toilet, to let their dogs chase the deer and stampede the ponies and to disturb ground nesting birds. Nor is it acceptable to take run a business taking packs of dogs into the forest with no control.

John, 11/May/2016

are there any laws on walking dogs in the forest? I was rudely spoken to by an agister to stay on a path and keep dogs on a lead. I understand this is protected land but it still is public

Anonymous, 18/Apr/2016

Firstly I would like to apologise for someone being rude to you. However, we are within our rights to ask all members of public to keep dogs under close control within high conservation areas. We actively encourage all members of the public to enjoy the New Forest and walk their dogs in a responsible and positive manner. This may mean staying on main paths and avoiding open heathland during ground nesting bird season (March – August) The New Forest is home to some very special ground nesting birds such as the woodlark, nightjar and Dartford warbler: it is designated as a Special Protection Area in part because of the breeding populations of these three species. It also has many other special designations due to the rare flora and fauna that lives here. Please help us protect this special place for generations to enjoy. If you would like to discuss this matter further please contact us with your details

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Ponsse forwarder unloading logs at roadside. Ringwood Forest

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