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Forest Education Initiative

The Forest Education Initiative provides learning resources about trees, woodlands and forest products and brings an understanding and appreciation to young people of the environmental, social, and economic potential of trees, woodlands and forests.  The practical work of FEI is achieved through local cluster groups – which include people involved in woodland ownership, management and related timber industries. These cluster groups offer teachers and leaders facilities for developing activity-based programmes based on trees, forests and wood products in their locality. 

  • Contributes to RFF outcomes 3 and 11.
  • Partners: British Trust for Conservation Volunteers (BTCV), Field Studies Council, Forestry Commission, Forest Industries Development Council, Groundwork, Timber Trade Federation, The Tree Council, The Woodland Trust
  • For more information and free teaching and learning resources, see or call Susannah Podmore on 01604 882610.

Oxfordshire Forest Schools

For information on Oxfordshire Forest Schools 

Last updated: 24th June 2017