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Encouraging visitors to woodlands

Walking the Way to HealthFamilies walking along a woodland in autumn

‘Walking the Way to Health' is an initiative which aims to improve the health and fitness of more than a million people, especially those who do little exercise or who live in areas of poor health. There are more than 50 schemes up and running around the South East region which organise regular walks, some for beginners and others for the more experienced walker - perhaps somebody who has been part of the scheme for a while.

Visiting wooded Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty

Many of the region’s Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONBs) are great places to visit and publicity material from AONB offices encourages people to explore these areas. An example is the High Weald Anvil, a free guide to the High Weald AONB which not only suggests places for walking and cycling but also lists events and local products and provides information about the wildlife, heritage and attractions of the area.

  • Contributes to RFF outcomes 2 and 11
  • Partners: High Weald AONB Unit with funding from members of the High Weald Joint Advisory Committee
  • For more information see or pick up the High Weald Anvil at visitor attractions around the High Weald.


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