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Kent Thameside Green Grid Partnership

By providing a green setting for new development, the Kent Thameside Green Grid partnership is establishing a ‘green’ character at the heart of the largest urban regeneration scheme in Europe. Through the creation of an extensive network of green spaces and the links between them, the scheme is providing ready access to open spaces for leisure and for wildlife. A partnership project, the green grid benefits from the involvement of:

  •  the private sector who are incorporating trees and open spaces into new developments;
  •  environmental and community groups who are involved in creating and managing the green spaces;
  • local authorities who are providing supportive policies in local plans as well as funding and practical support.  
  • Contributes to RFF outcomes 1, 2 and 3
  • Partners: Countryside Agency, Kent County Council, Gravesham Borough Council, Dartford Borough Council, London and Continental Railways plc, University of Greenwich, Countryside Homes plc, Lafarge Cement plc, Land Securities Development.


Last updated: 24th June 2017
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