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Delivering Seeing the Wood for the Trees -
The South East Forestry and Woodlands Partnership

The forestry and woodlands framework was produced by a steering group which was chaired by Charlotte Dixon, previously Director of Economic Inclusion and Sustainability at the South East England Development Agency.  The current Chair is Valerie Carter, Rural Sector Director, South East England Regional Development Agency.

The Steering Group has reformed as the Steering Group of the South East Forestry and Woodlands Partnership. It meets three times a year, with occasional open meetings for all those involved in the Forestry and Woodland Sector in South East England.

Members of the forestry and woodlands framework steering represent:

Environment Agency 
Forestry Commission
Regional Advisory Committee of the Forestry Commission
South East England Development Agency
South East Protected Landscapes
Woodland Trust

Last updated: 24th June 2017
A tree showing that the four key themes of the RFF are connected