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RFF Core Documents

Framework document (PDF: 3.68MB / 64 pages)

Framework Summary (PDF: 2.8MB/4 pages)

RFF 2 years on! (PDF: 835kb/2 pages)

RFF Information Notes

RFF 1 - Funding woodland management in South East England through sales of wood and timber (no longer available)

RFF 2 - How much are the woodlands of the South East worth? (PDF: 229kb/2 pages)

RFF 3 - England’s Most Wooded Region (PDF: 1.06MB/2 pages)

RFF 4 - The South East Plan – What’s in it for Forestry and Woodlands? (no longer available)

RFF 5 - The Contribution of the Woodland and Forest Industries to South East England (PDF:374kb)

RFF 6 - Primary Processing in the South East Region (no longer available)


Guidance for Planners - 'Seeing the Wood for the Trees - Implementing the draft South East Plan Woodland Policy NRM5'

So you own a woodland (pdf:2.2mb/30 pages) Having your own woodland can be a very rewarding and pleasurable experience and this booklet aims to help you get the best from it. Inside, you will find a wealth of information and advice, given in a practical and accessible style.
Aimed primarily at those new to woodland ownership, the booklet
• helps you find out more about your wood
• looks at ways of caring for your wood
• shows you where to go for more help and information.

Last updated: 5th September 2017