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Seasonal Closures

Below is the list of car parks to be closed from 7th November 2016 to 31st March 2017 as part of our annual winter closures programme. All car parks due to be closed will have signs erected giving people advanced warning of the closure and during the closure there will be information signs on the barriers detailing where the next nearest available car park is.

 The purpose of this programme is to reduce unnecessary capacity during the quieter winter months and utilise our limited resources for maintenance more effectively. Some closed car parks may be repaired during this period, but it is anticipated that most of our resources will be directed to maintaining those popular car parks that remain open.

 The Reptile Centre is not included in the list as it has always been closed during the winter.

Car Park Closures 2016/17  Nearest Open Car Park
Godshill Pit Godshil
Lords Oak Bramshaw Wood
 Shepherds Gutter Longcross
Ocknell Pond Cadmans Pool
Hazel Hill Minstead Road
Brockishill Green Minstead Road
Shave Wood Football Green
 Lucy Hill Oakley
Barrow Moor Knightwood Oak
Woosons Knightwood Oak
Osmon's Bushes Goatspen
Longslade View Longslade Bottom
Longslade Heath Horseshoe Bottom
Ober Corner Beachen Wood
Whitley Wood Clay Hill Heath
Whitemoor James Hill
Parc Pale Bolton's Bench
Standing Hat Tilery Road
Northgate Kings Hat
Culverley Pig Bush
Yew Tree Bottom Wilverley Inclosure
Vereley Hill Vereley



Last updated: 13th October 2016
Car park at Wilverley Plain, New Forest FD


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