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Sixth form

Woodland Trail

Sixth form Geography and Environmental Science

Groups can use the forest environment to study the ecology and management of the forest.

 The Wyre Forest is one of the largest and most important ancient semi-natural oak woodlands in England. Much of it is a Site of Special Scientific Interest because of its biodiversity, particularly its invertebrate life. The forest offers students a variety of habitats to study, from oak and coniferous woodlands to ponds and streams and areas of heathland.

A day with a Forestry Commission ranger includes:

  • A talk on the history, ecology and management of the forest.
  • Fieldwork tailored to the syllabus as required.

Examples of fieldwork studies undertaken in the past include:

  • Ecological surveys of deciduous compared with evergreen woodland, biotic and aboitic factors, succession.
  • Forest management, human impact on woodlands, honeypot sites, forest issues.

The emphasis is on obtaining practical and sampling skills through observation and use of field equipment, and the collection of data to take back to college/school for statistical analyses.

 We offer a flexible approach to using our facilities. The options include:

 Self-led: You come to Wyre and run the programmes yourself, having let us know in advance that you are coming so that we can inform you if there are any other events or forest operations taking place on site on that day that you need to be aware of. There may not be a charge for this. Examples of such fieldwork studies undertaken in the past include:

  • Ecological survey and sampling of a stream habitat.
  • Ecological survey and sampling of a pond habitat.
  • Geographical stream study.

Half led, half self led: We run half the day, your staff run the other half. You may like us to show a presentation about Wyre in the morning followed by some fieldwork, whilst you complete the fieldwork or look at different issues in the afternoon. Cost £4 per student (minimum charge £80)

Full day ranger-led programme: led by Forestry Commission staff, tailored and arranged in advance to suit your specific syllabus requirements. Charge £6 per student, minimum charge £120.

Alternative option:

Other Forestry Commission woodlands may be closer to you and more convenient for your own self-programming requirements. Please contact us for further details.  

Last updated: 1st August 2017
Field Equipment

What's of interest

We have basic field equipment but please bring your own digital equipment if required.

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