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Schools - key stages 3 & 4

Teachers are asked to select one of the following programmes according to their current school topic.

Forest issues 

This programme is particularly appropriate for studies in Geography and Citizenship at KS3. Students will be introduced to the changing human geography of the forest and how this has shaped and affected its management over time. The demands of conservation, tourism, forestry and sustainability will be discussed. Using practical exercises students will think critically and constructively about the conflicting interests in the forest, and, working in teams, devise solutions to resolve them.

Temperate Woodlands 

Students will use a variety of field equipment and technologies to investigate woodland ecology, and the extent to which biotic and abiotic factors, including human management, can affect temperate woodland ecosystems. Using practical exercises students will be encouraged to consider the effects of deforestation and climate change. The carbon cycle will also be discussed.

Costs for 2016:

  • Full day £6.00 per student, minimum charge £120
  • Half day £4.00 per student, minimum charge £80

For more information please contact  or phone 0300 067 4855.

Please contact us if you would like to bring your pupils to the forest for your own self-programming fieldwork/topics. There may not be a charge for this but we need to know you are coming in case there are forest operations planned that could affect your visit.

We also offer an introductory talk in the Community Discovery Centre prior to you runing your own fieldwork.

Further downloadable activities will be found on and

Last updated: 1st August 2017
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After an introduction to your programme in the Discovery Centre, most of the teaching takes place in the forest.

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