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Tractor using Veg OilTime is running out, climate change is real. We need to act
urgently to reduce our dependency on fossil fuels. Our oil
and gas supplies are being depleted. Doing nothing is not
an option!


Business Unit operations are all about adding value and
the delivery of practical solutions to meet the needs of the
Forestry Commission.  This approach is being extended
to resolving a range of 'sustainability issues' with a view to
reducing the environmental impact of Business Unit and
Forestry Commission operations.

Hopefully we are all aware of the dangers posed by global
warming and climate change, the rising cost of energy and
the impending problem of oil depletion.

Bio-diesel Van at Tay FDWith these in mind our main aims are to reduce our emissions
of carbon dioxide and other pollutants, to promote the use
of alternative and carbon neutral fuels, as well as promoting
and expanding the use of small scale renewables, within the
Business Units and the wider Forestry Commission. The
Business Units' 'Sustainability Project', led by Richard Earle
is also aimed at providing an in-house consultancy service
on bio fuels and renewables, educating staff and providing
relevant information to interested parties.


Some of the specific areas currently being addressed are:







Ford tractor in woodchip store at Kielder

What's of interest

At the Rio Summit in 1992, Governments around the world committed to sustainable development. The UK Government was the first to produce its National Strategy in 1994. In 1999, the UK Government then outlined how it proposed to deliver sustainable development in ‘A Better Quality of Life’.

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