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Team plans

This Forest District has seven teams, each one fulfilling a specific role or function within the District. The teams have each summarised their role in a vision statement, which describes how they will deliver public benefit.

At the heart of the strategy is a set of detailed action plans. A common tabular format has been adopted and each of the District’s seven Teams has developed its own plan.

You can now download or print a brief introduction to the teams and an explanation of their action plan matrices (PDF: 117 KB).

Short-form versions of the teams’ individual strategies can also to be found in the Forest Enterprise East of England Regional Strategic Plan booklet, printed copies of which can be obtained by calling 01842 810271 and asking for Clare Nichols in Planning.

The teams are listed below with a short statement describing their role and access to their individual plans:

Access Recreation & Tourism (ART)

This large team of customer-focused rangers and administrative staff utilises the forest estate to improve quality of life, health and learning for people, plus maximising the opportunities for economic diversification within the protected forest environment.

Download or print the ART matrix (PDF: 32 KB)

Business Support

Underpinning all of the District’s teams, Business Support ensures the necessary systems are in place for the effective delivery of individual team objectives.

Download or print the Business Support matrix (PDF: 23 KB)


A small team, based in the District Office, protecting and enhancing the overall biodiversity and heritage value of the estate at both the landscape and local levels.

Download or print the Environment matrix (PDF: 28 KB)


This team provides a ‘professional’ service for both East Anglia and Northants Forest Districts, ensuring all land acquisitions, disposals and leases are carried out legally, cost-effectively and generate maximum revenue.

Download or print the Estates matrix (PDF: 23 KB)


This growing team, based in the south of the District, is committed to improving the quality of life for communities and the biodiversity of wildlife in and around the District’s urban areas, through the creation and effective management of woodlands and open spaces.

Download or print the Greenspace matrix (PDF: 27 KB)


The District’s largest functional team has two main roles, harvesting and forest management, for creating and protecting the forest landscape.

Download or print the Operations matrix (PDF: 24 KB)


This key team acts as the ‘hub’: supporting, co-ordinating and prioritising other team’s objectives to enable the three key drivers to be balanced.

Download or print the Planning matrix (PDF: 26 KB)


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