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Many organisations and individuals took part in the preparation and development of the management planning template and guidance. In particular, the contribution of owners and managers during the preparation of the example plans is gratefully acknowledged: the City of Salford, G Good, Red Rose Forest and Tilhill.

Sincere thanks are extended to the following people and organisations for reviewing early versions of the template and guidance and providing useful comments: Penny Bienz, TTF; Steve Cresswell, Forestry Commission; Andy Dugan, Tilhill; Stuart Goodhall, UKWAS; Tim Hodges, Woodland Trust; John Jackson, Royal Forestry Society; Kevin Jones, Soil Association; Gavin Jordan, Interface-nrm; Jane Karthaus, FTA; Simon Levy, Coombe Forestry; Andy Long, Red Rose Forest; Ewan MacIntosh, Tilhill; Rob Marsh, Rob Marsh Woodland Services; Gareth Mayhead, Mersey Forest; David Ogg, Independent Forestry; Douglas Orr, SGS Qualifor; John Palmer, NRI/FRP; Chris Piper, CJ Piper & Co; Richard Robertson, Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®); Ben Scotting, Yorwoods; Jon Tetley, Heartwoods; Judith Webb, CLA; Jane Whitehead, Forestry Commission.


Last updated: 22nd September 2016